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Founded in 2016, Nambe Media is a [young but] growing media platform, with an aim of creating and delivering the [most] reliable content/services to people across the globe.
The operation of Nambe Media will be available on TV, Radio and Online, hence the reason for setting up its subsidiaries, namely; Nambe TV and Radio Nambe.
Nambe Patrick is the founder of these valuable platforms, as he double as the [current] Chief Executive Officer. (CEO)
Nambe Media seeks to reach its audience/clients with the [most] trustable and reliable content across the globe.
Nambe Media wants to reach a large number of audience (s) across the world, with its content and [services] of theirs can be relied on at any given time.
Hard-work: Nambe Media believes in the importance of Hard-work, Trust & Integrity.
Radio Nambe started its [very first online] test Transmission on January 07, 2018 from Estate, Sunyani – Ghana.
This Online radio received a lot of commendations from the public as it aims aiming at building more audience in the near future.
Nambe TV started its journey with the sharing of News and Videos public via social media Platforms such as Facebook. Twitter and Google Plus.
Through the zeal in providing great results to people, it began series of test transmissions via the Internet.
Currently, the owner and founder has plans to operate from its [own] studios in the near future.


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