C/R: Nyanyano Residents upset over poor Roads

Youth of Kasoa Nyanyano in Gomoa East district in the Central region of Ghana have given government up to April 8, 2019 to fix all bad roads in the area.

In a 5-hour demonstration which started at Millenium City Junction in Kasoa, the teeming youth registered their displeasure by burning car tyres after blocking roads to temporary halt vehicular and motor movement.

The angry residents who were demonstrating in their red attires and armbands carrying placards said they felt sidelined from the Ghanaian society.

The frustrated residents wrote on their placards “We are part of Ghana, why neglect us, Fix our roads now, stop using our money for birthday parties” and among others.

The demonstrating youth have also accused the contractors for failing to put asphalt on the roads after grading and selling off their sand for profit.

“When it rains, the roads develop potholes and become too muddy to ply on. During the dry season, the dust is another hurdle that we battle with.

The affected businesses who bear the brunt are forced to buy tanks of water to douse the dust”, Some residents added

The youth said they’re dissatisfied about performance of the Member of parliament MP and local authorities for failing to come to their aid as regards the deplorable state of the roads.

They youth however gave government and its agencies a two week ultimatum to address the issue.

Meanwhile district Chief executive officer of the area Mr. Solomon Darko Quarm after receiving the petition from the youth has promised to present it to the appropriate authorities for solutions.


The kasoa nyanyano road has been in a deplorable state for over 5 years now. Though it was bad, it was quite motorable until government in 2016 assigned it to contractors to reconstruct it.

Since then the contractors have only succeeded in grading off the road and creating of gutters.

Work has come to a standstill after the 2016 General election and contractors have packed their equipment from the site.

By: Ferdinard Tiekon

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