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CAB Ghana celebrates boxing day with a Clean-up exercise at Jamestown

Clean And Beautiful Ghana, an organisational initiative from Miss Freda Astanga, 1st Runner-Up of Face of GIJ ’18 has successfully organized clean-up exercise at the Jamestown Beach Market on December 26, 2018.
The seemingly important activity attracted a lot of volunteers from the nation’s capital, which included [some] students from the Ghana Institute of Journalism.

Aside the clean-up exercise, a donation was made to the Jamestown Beach Community to enable them have ‘a feel’ of the Christmas Festivity while they maintain a clean environment. Items donated included hampers of toiletries, washing soaps and detergents.
Explaining the ideal behind this activity, Felix Kwaku-Dua who acts as the Deputy-CEO for CAB Ghana highlighted the need for Ghanaians to maintain a healthy and clean society at all cost. He also revealed that, the organization’s move is aimed at supporting government’s efforts in promoting a ‘dirt-free’ society.
“CAB Ghana is out there to clean targeted areas in the country and the agenda today is to compliment government’s effort in cleaning our villages, towns and cities.”

The Deputy-CEO further pledged the group’s sustainability in connection to cleaning and beautifying Ghana as he indicates such an exercise will be organized on a regular base in Accra and beyond.
Also present at the Market to support this worthy cause was Miss Aikins Leticia Khadija, winner of the 2018 Face of GIJ beauty pageant.

“It is good to push people to the top and that is what I believe in. As a team from Face of GIJ we believe in working together. So, looking at how my first runner-up has taken up this initiative upon herself, I thought it wise to come here today and support her since it becomes a plus to Face of GIJ’s brand.” – She told Nambe Media
In an appeal to the public, Ruben Kwabla Amenyedor, Public Relations Officer for CAB Ghana advised individuals “to champion a conducive society devoid of filth since that will improve upon the image of this country.”

Mr. Emmanuel Mark Hansen, the Social Director for Jamestown Beach Community and Founder of Jamestown Gbekebii School Culture and Creative Arts who took part in the exercise was very elated and appreciative of what the group has done.
He added; “I call on other organizations in this country to come on board and promote volunteerism in the society.”

Meanwhile, Chief Fisherman of Jamestown Tradional Area, Nii Kai Okaishie III received the donation on behalf of the community as he applauded “the CAB Ghana for such an important exercise with a promise of promoting cleanliness in Jamestown.”

CAB Ghana (Clean and Beautiful Ghana) is an organization aimed at bringing vibrant youth leaders willing to change the face of Ghana on an international platform 
It has the following objectives;
1. Ensuring a clean and healthy environment 
2. Beautifying necessary areas 
3. Recycling 
4. Raising Environmental Leaders
5. Tourism 
6. Ensuring proper layouts, drainage systems and good works and housing 
7. Appreciating  and valuing Africa as a whole from Skin, Clothes and image building.
Prospective Volunteers can reach them via their Facebook Page – CAB Ghana

Story written by; Nambe Patrick, Ghana Institute of Journalism, Accra.


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