Coronavirus: ‘Don’t wait for us to die’ – Ghanaian students in China to government

Ghanaian students in Coronavirus-stricken Wuhan in China have appealed to the Ghana government to immediately evacuate them from the Asian country before they die from contracting the deadly disease.

According to one of the students Philip Arthur, the continued stay of the over 300 Ghanaians in Wuhan put their lives in real danger as everything is in a standstill in that city.

Speaking to Kasapa News Nana Ama Annor, Philip Arthur wondered why it is taking the government of Ghana so long to evacuate Ghanaians when other Northern Africa countries have safely flown their nationals who were in China back home.

“Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia among others have all come for their nationals in Wuhan where the disease first broke out. If you look at the population of Africa students, Ghana has the largest number in China but we are still living in this disease struck town. If the government cares so much about us who are the future leaders of our country then it should charter a flight and take us out of China immediately. Does the government want us to contract the disease and die before we are taken out of here,” Philip asked?

Philip Arthur added that most of them would have boarded flights back home if flights were in operation in Wuhan and wouldn’t have waited on the government for help.

“At the moment Ghanaians can fly out of Wuhan only when the Government of China allows a plane chartered by Ghana to enter the disease-stricken city.”

Meanwhile, the Minister of Health, Kwaku Agyemang Manu has stated that government of Ghana is considering the evacuation of Ghanaians from China, in the wake of the outbreak of coronavirus.

He said discussions were ongoing and evacuation would only take place if it had become necessary.


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