Fake Ghana Cedi printing factory discovered

You might want to be circumspect when doing business with people in Ghana currently, else they will pay you with fake currencies.

The practice of some criminally minded people engaging in printing of counterfeit monies is on the rise, though police have been cracking down on some of them.

Recently, when a certain student in the Western region of Ghana allegedly faked his own kidnapping to extort money from his parents, his reason was to buy a particular ink for printing fake money.

A picture showing how fake money printers are used.

Now, a video circulating on social media shows a group of unidentified people printing out fake Ghana Cedi notes of various denominations.

Although they deliberately disguised their identities, the video shows a hand putting some white hard papers cut in the shape and size of the Ghana currency into a printing machine.

A few minutes after feeding the machine with a number of the papers, it then ejected Ghana currencies of different values which look so genuine that hardly would anyone notice anything wrong with them.

Fake Monies | Watch the video below:

Credit: Pulse Ghana

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