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Gari Vibes set to introduce a new product

Gari Vibes Inc. seems to be keeping its already existing fans and prospective ones in ‘suspense’ over the hint of a new product which will be unveiled in January 2019.
A lot of people including social media users have shown much interested as they look forward to a wonderful event.
Well, from a viewpoint of the Chief Executive Officer, Edem Nyonator (Remdy) this event is in connection with the brand’s 1 year Anniversary Celebration of Grace despite the numerous challenges encountered in times past.

The three-(3)-day event is expected to take place at the Ghana Institute of Journalism from January 31 to February 2, 2019.
Also, there will be a Quiz competition on campus coupled with a health walk and food bazaar to be hosted in a [yet to be disclosed] serene environment, as it promises to be fun filled.
1. Thursday 31st Jan, 2018
✓ Launch
✓ Quiz Competition
✓ Launch of New Product
2. Friday 1st Feb. 2018
✓ GV Half Price
3. Saturday 2nd Feb. 2018
✓ Health Walk
✓ Food Bazaar
Honestly, the introduction of this Gari business by Edem and his Team started at a seemingly ‘small space’ in 2017. But, through hard work and determination, the Team has won great admiration from people.
On November 9, 2018, they won the Student Initiative Award during the 2018 GIJ Eminence Award organized at the Accra Digital Centre and that is a plus to achieving greater heights.

Notably, Gari Vibes has featured in Curfew House Party, Dalex Swift Hoops, Tidal Rave ’18 event, GIJ SRC & Akwaaba Week, Independence Day Celebration, and KNUST Republic Hall Celebration.

So, if you should find yourself around that day, do pass by and enjoy enjoy great products from Gari Vibes.
Yes! #DiNoStyleBiaaBi
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Story written by; Nambe Patrick, Ghana Institute of Ghana. (Level 300 JN)


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