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GES launches manhunt on teachers inciting pupils in video to make sexually explicit comments


The Ghana Education Service has declared two persons believed to be teachers who have been captured on two separate video trending on social media inciting some school children to use obscene words in class.
The Director-General of GES, Professor Kwasi Opoku-Amankwa indicated the Ghana Education service is tracing these perpetrators of such insubordination acts to books because it unacceptable and also goes contrary to the ethics of teaching.
He reveled that people have used the video which have been in existence for about three to four years to rebrand the public outcry surrounding the Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE)
“We have started tracing the source of the videos but our checks indicate that the videos have been around since 2015. That is making the investigation a bit challenging for us but we are working on it and we will definitely get them,” he assured.
The manhunt launched came as results of two video circulating on social media where teachers are inciting pupil explicit pronounce the local news of human sex organs without fear or panic which has been linked to the introduction of the controversial CSE, suggesting that the content of the videos is what will be taught in basic schools across the country should the guidelines be accepted.
The ordinary Ghanaians have expressed their sentiments on the introduction of the CSE which they claim to be an evil propaganda by a group of people to make the government unpopular for their personal selfish interests.
The first video comes where a female woman whose face is not seen is heard in the background explicitly mentioning the male and female sexual organs in an Akan language precisely and afterwards instructs the pupils to repeat after her. And also second video featured a basic school pupil openly asking someone, whose face is also not shown but believed to be the teacher, how he could have sex with a woman with a bushy pubic hair in her private parts.

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