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I’ll be a pastor when I hang my boxing gloves – Ayitey Powers

Popular boxer, Michael Ayitey Okine, commonly known as Ayitey Powers, said he will become a Pastor when he resigns from boxing.

Speaking with host of ‘Dwedwemu’, Tony Adam Adjei on Kasapa FM, the ace boxer stated that though there are many challenges that confront him as a boxer these wouldn’t push him out of the game, but should the need arise then he will opt to do the work of God or be a musician.

When asked if he will preach the Gospel, he replied that “no I can’t preach the Gospel but will help with other church activities as a Minister of God.”

He also disclosed that his real life story will soon be out for Ghanaians to know.

“My true story will soon be out for Ghanaians to know why I always acknowledge God and the reason why I do mention Prophet T.B Joshua’s name everyday. Many don’t seem not to understand me.”

Ayitey Powers on why he mostly boasts before his fight yet loses out to his opponent, he said “As a boxer when you don’t brag it isn’t the best because if I have fought many boxers and won but another opponent beats me severely, that is no news.

“Sometimes Ghanaians are hypocrites because in London or any European country, you are hailed when you lose a fight but in Ghana people will rather tease you for losing the fight.

“Though they claim I’m not strong, for me I make enough money when I’m beaten by my opponent.”

Source: GhanaWeb


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