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Low turnout at polling stations in Savannah Region

Several polling stations in the Savannah Region have recorded low turnout of registrants in the ongoing Electoral Commission’s registrations exercise. The first day of the exercise saw a massive turnout as polling stations were overcrowded and Covid-19 protocol of social distancing was no adhered to.

Speaking to Osman Abubakari-Sadiq, some residents claimed they do not have the Ghana card nor passport which are requirements for the exercise. Commenting on the issue of using two persons as guarantors, most of them said they had no knowledge about that and that it is difficult to get people leave their activities just to come and guarantee for someone.

“We don’t have Ghana cards and passports, how do we register”? One of the residents queried.

It will be recalled that on 25th June, 2020, the Supreme Court in a unanimous decision gave the Electoral Commission the green light to go ahead with the compilation of a new voters register ahead of the December polls, after the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) challenged the decision of the EC to compile a new register without birth certificate and the old register as prerequisites for the new card.

Story by: Osman Abubakari-Sadiq


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