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“Public Relation(S) Project, A Worthy Activity” – A Case At The Ghana Institute Of Journalism

Usually, I encourage my colleagues on and off campus to embrace certain opportunities while in school.
One of such opportunities is to partake in series of extra curricular activities which is highly evident and practicable on ‘the soil of GIJ.’
Speaking from an angle of self-experience, I can confidently applaud Mr. Ken-Awuku, Mr. Henry Owu, Mr. George Asamoah, Dr. Wilberforce Dzisah and other hard-working lecturers from the Ghana Institute of Journalism who do well to task their students to embark on important class projects.
So, I drove all the way from Sunyani to Accra somewhere in 2016 without knowing the basics nor snippets of these fields, but thankfully, I’m okay now.
Mr. Wilson Dzisah ’empowered’ me to embrace risks and challenges in order to progress in life as an individual. [Entrepreneurship]
Mr. Ken-Awuku also taught me how to setup a personal company/brand. [Public Relations]
While, Mr. George Asamoah and Mr. Henry Owu ‘reached out to me’ on how to brand and ‘market’ myself effectively at all times. [Marketing and Advertising respectively]
Truly! Truly!! I’m forever grateful to these seasoned lecturers.
Fast forward, the P.R. project on campus [ held last year] was somewhat challenging, but fruitful, most especially when the latter comes line with decision making process.
I strongly believe this year’s competition and their respective executives faced the same. Certainly, some decision makers are either branded as ‘too-knowing’ or ‘too slowing.’
But, then, a final response is always needed upon series of hefty deliberations, and It’s a healthy exercise you know.
The ultimate goal [in my own own opinion] is to ‘equip’ students with the requisite practicalism ahead of the competitive job market. Trust, me, no employer will be enthused to employ an employee with no or less experience in particular field. The reason, to make good use of such opportunities while in school, and I urge all students to do same!
Lemme give a brief narration of what transpired in the 2017 competition.
The competition started on a very keen note with competing class working hard to claim the award.
Under the theme GIJ WASH Campaign, students were tasked to embark of various campaigns to create awareness for healthy environment.
These were the participating teams;
1. Vision A+ Concepts (Level 200 A)
2. Purple Effect (Level 200 B)
3. Global Siders (Level 200 C)
4. Tripod Associates (Level 200 D)
After series of projects on and off Accra, a day was set for the finals at the Ghana Institute of Journalism.

Global Siders with Joseph Agbezuke (Sir Joe) as its Chief Executive Officer won the competition.

Vision A+ Concepts placed second with Michael Yerbs as the Chief Executive Officer.

Purple Effect Communications secured the third position with Kafa Felix as the Chief Executive Officer.

Tripod Associates placed fourth with Joseph Opoku Mensah as the Chief Executive Officer
As an Assistant Marketing Manager for Global Siders, I played a role in winning the competition.
Through this project, I learned a lot of ideas on how to handle valuable challenges, which eventually led to the rebranding of my seemingly small, but growing brand I officially started some few years ago — Nambe Media, Radio and Nambe TV.
[You can Check us out via and]
Also, I learned to manage things in my own way and how to work effectively ahead of the world market.
Aside all these, I got the opportunity to network with other students from different classes. Oh! Yes!!! Networking is very very good, don’t be that kind of student who will disappear right after class.
Charley! The benefits from this exercise are enormous, but then, time wouldn’t permit me exhibit them in writing.
Enrich your C.V.s in a bid to stand out among your competitors.
Whenever, wherever you see Mr. Ken-Awuku, kindly appreciate him for me, for this great opportunity.

Inscribed by; Nambe Patrick (Level 300 Journalism)


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