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Video: Women laugh hard as men struggle to carry babies on their back in a competition

As part of the recent Fathers’ Day celebration, some Kenyan men gave women enough reason to laugh hard when they tried to do what women always do with ease.

A hilarious video captured the men trying to balance their babies on their backs as they tried to figure out how to throw a cloth on and keep the kids comfortable. They bent over, crouched a little, reached out to their children’s bodies and tried their best to do what comes so easily for African women.

Every time the three men attempted to undertake the simple task, they failed with flying colours.

It was such a heart-stopping moment as a little mistake could result in the fragile babies falling to the ground.

No amount of help given to them by anxious women around could save the men. At the end of it all, it became clear to the men that the fact that women do certain things without blinking doesn’t mean they are so easy.

Watch the video below and laugh:

Source: TMNews


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